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These are our next destinations

Since the videos have no cost, it may not be possible to access all the requests that come to us. 

The trips are organized according to the economic possibilities and strategic decisions to complete the video library by both country and continent, and specified in a wine producing country or area. 

Next, I will detail the next trips in order for any of you to sign up. Let us know where you are to take your requested visit into consideration. We appreciate contacts from other vineyards in the area since we try to coordinate at least 4 or 5 visits during the same trip. 

  • Upcoming routes by car (Europe) Sierra de Gredos, Alicante, Priory, Arribes and eastern France during the first half of July
  • During the second half of August, northern Italy 
  • Upcoming trips by plane (intercontinental) 
    • December; South Africa, 
    • February; Argentina, Salta, Tucumán, Rioja, Mendoza, Rio Negro. We will share it on our Social Networks

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